Juste Pictures  (Zane St. Juste)


I am a photographer and a music composer.  I have found that pictures are like songs you can see. Whether it's a poet's pen, a drummer's drum, the pianist's piano, or the photographer's camera; all these instruments are an artistic revelation of our spirit, our humanity, our visual perception of the created things in our environment. My pictures are used as a platform to bring focus and clarity to the world around us.


What we offer:

1.  Professional and creative photo sessions. We will capture memories that will live forever. Individual, family           and/or lifestyle portraits that you will cherish and share for generations to come.


2. Fine Art Photography for your home, office or creative space.


Providing top customer service, honesty and reliability along with skillful photography: Professional photo editing, printing services, and all your photos on flash drive is available at a competitive price. Ask about our packages.


We also provide Creative Professional Video EditingSoundtrack Production, and Compose Original Songs.


Please contact Zane St. Juste (Juste Pictures) for additional pricing. To schedule a photo-shoot or any other services we provide, please contact me at  justepics@gmail.com or (745) 319-3340


Mission: To capture your images and tell the story of your moments in time that will last forever.


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