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I often thought to myself, could my love for poetry and writing songs coexist with my love for photography and videography? Do I have to pick one art form? I would talk to God and ask myself this question, but the more I explored my creativity and learned from other artist, I realized that all things God put in us is to be poured out of us. The gifts we have been given is to be used according to the purpose and plans God has for our lives. 

I discovered that photography and videography could be a powerful tool and platform for artist (poets, singers, writers, etc.) and those of us who have an inspiring message of faith, hope and encouragement. It allows people to share their gifts, and teach what God gave to them to teach. The camera is a an instrument that can distribute light. We live in a time when people are in need of hope and encouragement. One inspired writer says “there should be hundreds of little tracts scattered as the leaves of autumn.” Today, with technology and the internet, we can use our voice to disseminate light through our words, and we can be the tracts scattered like the leaves of autumn. This can be done by giving ourselves away to be used by the God of all creation.  Many use social media for negativity today but it can be repurposed as an instrument in the Master’s hands. We can publish the creative inspired messages we have been given for the Kingdom of God. Christ says that we are the light of the world, a city set on a hill cannot be hidden. We have to let our light shine so that those who are in darkness can see the light of God in us. We empty ourselves, so we can be filled with God's endless love that overflows. We hunger and thirst for righteousness so we can be filled, and so we pour out our praise and worship to our heavenly Father.

Let us ask God each day for our assignment so that his will will be done in our lives. I have no doubt now that all things are truly working together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

I now leave you with an example of a poem God gave me to share with you. I used the Rode condenser mic, Garage Band to record the audio and a video editing software called Final Cut Pro to share and publish my writings as spoken word. If you are an artist or a person with a message, learning photography and videography as another skill can help you share and publish your messages. You can also connect with local christian photographers and videographers in your community who can help you distribute the light. My hope is that we can encourage, inspire and help someone along our journey here on this earth. Let's be distributors of light. God bless!


Written by

Zane St. Juste


The Audio/Video below is a Poem entitled “I Know Why The Birds Sing Their Praise."


©2017 Zane St. Juste All rights reserved.  

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Poem & Photo "Gracious Light of Mercy" http://justepictures.com/blog/2017/6/poem-photo-gracious-light-of-mercy

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Urban Exposure: No Message Could've Been Any Clearer http://justepictures.com/blog/2015/1/urban-exposure-no-message-couldve-been-any-clearer Stories & Images of Poverty by Zane St. Juste

"Street Art" - Young man heading to SCHOOL in the morning, walking through the colorful backdrop of street art. Bridgeport, CT


There's a song that evokes change in the heart of those who listen to it's message and it's intent. This song is non other than “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson. It's one of those songs that stirred us to really look within ourselves and make a conscious effort to bring positive change in our communities and our society.

I've found that art empowers us to make those changes. Whether you're a poet, musician, an artist, filmmaker or just the average person who likes to be creative, the tools we have along with the gifts we've been given can be the voice for those without a voice or platform.

   "Harlem Sunset" Harlem NY

A song tells a story and gives an inspiring message using rhythm, rhyme, and melody but a camera let's us see the song. I am a songwriter and photographer; I've seen that both art forms can give a clear message of hope for the hopeless. I see songs in images before I even write them down. A photographer also uses images for their story or subject. So the relation between a song and a picture is one in harmony. The images you see here, are the faces of poverty, and the stories of those who are homeless. 

"Give me your ears for just one second" - First meeting "Gina" Bridgeport, CT

At times we get distracted by the noisy sounds of the city and our own hectic and troubled lives but if we look at the reflections of our own selves in in the mirror we may see that things aren't as bad, especially if we can walk, talk, and use our own hands to eat and drink. When we look up and reach out to the brothers and sisters in our community with no food to eat, our personal problems seem small.

Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror:

"I've been a victim of a selfish kind of love, and it's time that I realize that there are some with no home, not a nickel to loan could it be really mean, pretending that they're not alone? A willow deeply scarred, somebody's broken heart and a washed-out dream. They follow the pattern of the wind ya' see 'Cause they got no place to be That's why I'm starting with me.”

"Pregnant & Homeless"  - In 2013 I met "Gina" who was pregnant and living in a tent in Shelton CT. After filming her story I was contacted by a housing & homeless specialist (CT) who saw the story and with the help of community services in Connecticut she was found and received help. Bridgeport, CT


There are two quotes that I love from two artist who inspire me. One by the great poet Maya Angelou. She says, “A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” The other by the great photographer Dorothea Lang who said, “A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.” It's true that we may not have all the answers to the issues of life but if we pay attention to the stories we hear, feel or see, we may find the lessons we need to learn in life. If we keep singing our inspirational songs, composing the rhymes & rhythms of life; using these tools to publish the stories around us along with the images we capture, with faith we can bring hope and change to the men and women we see in our community and society who were all made in God's image.

 "Set Me Free"  Man sits on the ground at gas station in need of change. Bridgeport, CT             "Hopeful"   Homeless but still has a warm smile. Washington Heights, NY                                                                                           








"Woman collecting cans"  Tryin' to make a couple dollars. Bronx, NY

              Man on the ground at gas station looking for "Change" Bridgeport, CT






"Man in the Mirror"  Man sells cold bottles of water on a hot summer day. Wash. Hts., NY


Dedicated to “Gina”

Below is the video of Gina's story. It's called "Gracious"





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"Black Eagle" - Poetry http://justepictures.com/blog/2013/12/black-eagle---poetry
I wrote this poem after a conversation with a mother. She was having a difficult time with her young adult son who lived with her. This poem is for anyone but specifically for the young, gifted and black. The mother eagle makes the nest uncomfortable so the young eagle can leave the nest and learn to fly. Your wings are long enough now so you have freedom to fly.

"Black Eagle, it's the 4th of July and the fireworks have started.

No need to hideaway, we've been waiting for this moment.

The sounds of the bombs and rockets is festivity for this jubilee.

Click to purchase poster.

The colors of red and green has filled up the black starry sky

above the bridge across the Hudson where the ships are passing by.

Still you question, “am I ready to fly?”

Your home was built on high places so you could stand the winds of life.

Your feathers grew to bear you up but now your wings are crowding your view.

Black Eagle, it's the 4th of July,  

uncomfortable is your place of rest 

because it's time to leave your prickly nest." 


Black Eagle By Zane St.Juste ©2013


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Remembering Sandy Hook http://justepictures.com/blog/2013/12/remembering-sandy-hook A few days after the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown CT, my friend Karlon and I, along with other members of Joshuanetwork.tv, took a trip up to the scene of the tragic event. 

The Defreitas' children, Ahkeel & Dehnique, professional steel pan performers, used their gift of music to play christmas songs for the grieving community. 


The gentleman in the wheelchair came all the way to Newtown from the south. He use to live in Newtown and came back to pay his respects. He couldn't walk but still found a way to stand up for his fellow man even from the seat of a wheelchair. 



Others came by to give inspiration and encouragement including a couple holding up signs that said, “Free hugs” & "Want Prayer?"




These are two Representatives from the Billy Graham Ministries who showed up and wanted to know more of what we were doing. The lady and her husband had been with Billy Graham's Ministries for years and were part of a ministry called the first responders, there to be a comforting voice during tragic events of our times.


Despite what happened just days earlier, that spirit-filled visit to Newtown was worth the trip. I think just being there and praying for the people was an awesome experience that humbled us.








A few days before the trip I asked my son, Zane Jr., to sing a song I was inspired to write some years before called, Lord Restore Us. The message of our trip and the message of the song is one God gives to us all.  He wants us to ask him to restore us because it is through him that we can truly be restored.


justepics@gmail.com (JustePictures) Joshua Network Newtown Sandy Hook Sandy Hook School http://justepictures.com/blog/2013/12/remembering-sandy-hook Sun, 15 Dec 2013 01:46:02 GMT
Our Greatest Son - Tribute in Poetry to the life of Nelson Mandela 1918 - 2013 http://justepictures.com/blog/2013/12/our-greatest-son---tribute-in-poetry-to-the-life-of-nelson-mandela-1918---2013 (For the people of South Africa and the world)

                                                            By Zane St. Juste


The Motherland gave birth to a Son

and the Son burned bright

and gave us hope

Then the white clouds turned gray

and darkened the Son

but it's light was still there

shining through the clouds

And the rain came down

like the sound of an African choir

whose harmony let freedom ring loud

And the song made the God of the heavens

give us a new day

And faith brought hope over the horizon

because the Son pushed back the clouds

But today, our land has lost its greatest Son

The night has come

But we will not fear and get mad at the darkness

Our spirit of love has given us power

Faith to know that the morning will bring joy

because we remember the rainbow over the land

And so we know that our greatest Son will rise again





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Father and Son http://justepictures.com/blog/2013/11/father-and-son This was our second visit to Lighthouse Point Beach in New Haven Connecticut. Every visit to this beach has been a spiritual experience. On the first visit a year ago, I went way out where a father was fishing while his wife and son rested. He fished there to have extra food for the family and gave me the opportunity to film his family with my new GH2 Camera.   

It was good practice for me and now, two years later, I took my family out to the beach again. Not too long after we settled in, my eyes caught another interesting site. This time it was another father fishing way out with his son. I approached them and we began talking like old friends. The dad told me that even though he wasn't with the mother of his son anymore, he still felt it was important to spend time with his son.

It was Sunday and he said his son usually goes to church but he felt it was important for them to have that time together. It was important for him to train his son on fishing and life; time for father and son to bond together. I really had a good time talking to both him and his son and filming that experience. We talked about God, family, and what it was to be a father and be responsible in life, even when things may not be going the right way in our lives. 

I took some stills with my GH2 Lumix Panasonic camera and hopefully it will paint a picture of our 'Lighthouse' experience for you. It has been about a year since I bought this, my 1st professional camera and visiting this beach. I was able to make some new friends once again and left seeing another father who knew the importance of being there for your children. Once again, a visit to The Lighthouse was truly indeed a Lighthouse experience. I think it's something about the ocean waters, the waves, the breeze, the sun, the lighthouse, and those who cast their line out to sea. 

As I end this blog, down below is the video I shot of my 1st trip to Lighthouse Point Beach last year, with the father who was showing his son how to fish. The soundtrack to the video is a song called "Prayer Walk" which was inspired by my friend who shared an experience he had, it was a prayer walk he had with his little daughter at a family retreat. He told his daughter that he'll always be there for her as he prayed to God for guidance because his own father was never in his life. Mixed with the story of the disciple Peter walking on water to Jesus and my own life's experience with prayer, the song "Prayer Walk" was born. [Watch video at the very end of this blog below] Remember that prayer can allow us to do the things that seem impossible like walking on water, it can even move mountains in our lives. And like the lighthouse that shines its light at night for that lost vessel in the dark waters at sea, prayer guides us to find hope, peace and rest. It can calm the raging sea and can save us.

Video w/ Song:  "Prayer Walk"

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