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Photography: The Revelation of The Created World & The Artwork of The Inner Soul

“Photography is a revelation of the created world and the artwork of the inner soul.”

It was written that “the lamp of the body is the eye.” The art of photography is an artistic journey I’ve found joy in. The icon African American photographer Gordon Parks once said, “There’s a horizon out there, one more horizon that you have to make for yourself and let other people discover it.” Parks is one of my favorite photographers and truly an inspiration. He is right. What we as photographers are looking for is a new horizon; to capture something out there that we can shine light on, images that inspire us to share with the world. I truly believe what we are all looking for is light. The original meaning of photography is writing or painting with light. The art of photography can be very therapeutic, like painting or writing, it can be peaceful, and pleasant. Whether planned or unplanned, capturing photographs is gratifying to the soul.

Before I even thought of becoming a photographer, I was taking pictures, not with a camera, I was capturing the world around me with my eyes. When I was a kid and my dad was driving around the city or somewhere on a road trip in the country, I would always look through the car window pointing out the interesting things passing by in nature or on the street. When my mom took us downtown Manhattan back in the day, I was amazed by the scenery of those big skyscrapers that reached way up in the sky, and I’d be like, Wow!!

To this day my eyes are constantly looking and observing interesting things in our world. In all seasons of the year you can find some interesting images. Sunshine, rain, or snow, there are images out there if we look, we will discover them.

Photography does not begin with a camera but in the soul. I used to love drawing, painting, and writing poetry as a child. I didn’t pursue drawing and painting as much when I got older but my love for poetry manifested into my journey as a songwriter. It wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I picked up my first camera after the advice of a photographer friend of mine. That’s when I began to learn the art of photography. It is never too early or too late in life to learn a new craft.

On the day of our first snowstorm for the year, I decided to carry my camera with me and capture the snow around my neighborhood and on my lawn. I almost left my camera at home but something said to me to take it. I carried my camera on the walk and got a little creative. What you will see in this gallery of my work is what I captured that day.

The materials I use are my Fujifilm X-T3 camera (fuji XF 16mm lens), a plastic bag, my environment and the Spirit within.

– Zane St. Juste

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